Oscar Ponce Salazar – Fairtrade coffee producer

One of the coffee growers for Fairtrade is making a special visit to Devon for Fairtrade Fortnight. In his honour, I have painted his portrait in Fairtrade coffee – one portrait in a series of Fairtrade Champions.

This is Mr Oscar Ponce Salazar, a Fairtrade Coffee producer from Peru.  During his time with us in Devon, Oscar will be engaging with schools, volunteers, community groups and flagship employers.  See Oscar’s full programme of activites.


Here is the photo I was given to work from to create the paining in coffee:

Oscar Salazar in Lima 1head

Oscar Ponce, chair of Co-operativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa Ltd in Pangoa Town, Peru which grows coffee for Cafédirect and is Devon’s guest for Fairtrade Fortnight. This visit is sponsored by The Co-operative.

Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa (Pangoa) is a Fair Trade and organic-certified coffee cooperative located in San Martín de Pangoa, Peru. Pangoa’s 207 active members are smallholder farmers who cultivate shade-grown coffee on the slopes rising from the lowland jungle to the highlands in the region of Junín.

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